Stress Management Techniques – Article By Dr Harry Henshaw

With hectic schedules, tight deadlines, increasing lineups on the freeways,eating on the fly it is no wonder you or someone you love is suffering from an overwhelming amount of stress. It almost feels like an epidemic. Dr Harry Henshaw has put together an article which I want to share with you, and is related to the very subject of stress management techniques – check it out:

Dr. Henshaw says: Millions of People can now have Stress Relief with Relaxation Music
Everyone can now have relief from stress with the use of relaxation music. Enhanced Healing is now introducing Dr. Harry Henshaw’s therapeutic relaxation music to the public, to help anyone who needs to reduce the stress of their daily life. Originally developed in a clinical setting, Dr. Henshaw’s relaxation music is now available to anyone who wants to experience deep relaxation and as a result reduce their stress. Follow this link to read the rest of Dr Harry Henshaws article – Read More.

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