Can You Use Healing Music with Walking Meditation?

When life gets hectic do you find yourself wishing to be in a place where you will find solitude, tranquility and physical inactivity? Meditation is thought to be exactly this place and in reality it can be, a place where you find a secluded area, a safe place to close your eyes in silence and have the ability to rest your body while working your mind’s muscle, throw in some healing music and you are good to go. Is this what meditation always has to be like?

Meditating is a form of art, a method, a skill and a process. To meditate is the art of keeping in touch with yourself, and being able to discover your whole being. It is not something where you wake up one day and BAM you know how to meditate, it is a skill which needs to be developed. This style of relaxation requires discipline and the right mindset.

Most beginners get discouraged quickly as they fall into the trap of thinking that you can meditate and expect to achieve a result, right after the session is complete. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen this quickly as it requires a tuning of your consciousness. It typically involves a set of procedures and guidelines to be followed in a particular sequence. Each of you will experience different results, as like anything, the success of the activity will depend on your adherence to the given principles and rules.

The need to find a secluded place just to meditate is not necessary, as anywhere will do. Sometimes a noisy and crowded placed is actually encouraged. The downside is the challenge lies in your ability to concentrate and being able to focus on your awareness. You must not allow the outer world to bind your mind into it, by the things that you see, hear, or whatever it is you perceive.

The guiding principle behind walking meditation is achieving a balanced awareness, equilibrium, between your inner self and the outer world surrounding you. This strategy of relaxation, will invite you to feel your entire body, all the workings of the parts that make you who you are, being aware how each of your body parts operates. While doing this, you need to be able to notice your emotion and your mood. These are all done while you walk and yes at the same time be listening to healing music on your ipod, phone or whatever device you enjoy using.

As you walk your surroundings does not need to be lost in your focus, there will always be distractions which will catch your attention as you move through this walking strategy, therefore don’t resist them. The key is don’t hang onto to the distractions, let them pass by, observing them without doing anything at all.

By doing this you are experiencing the real sense of awareness. The ideal result of walking meditation while listening to healing music, is your consciousness of the outside world while being totally aware of your inner self. At the point this is achieved, many of the puzzles and complexities of life will become clearer and much simpler. By bridging the gap between your inner and outer world, you are able to take full control of your life and enjoy a much healthier and more satisfied lifestyle.