Integrating the Power of Meditation in Your Life and Healing Music

Twenty-first century living definitely has its advantages, such as Technology that produces results instantaneous, the amazing medical advancements, improved social conditions just to name a few. Even though all these advantages are present there is a down-side to today’s environment. With so much technology in your face, more is expected of you by employers, educators, your peers, family and friends. This tends to create an undue amount of stress on your mind and body, therefore a tool such as meditation accompanied with healing music has an enormous amount of popularity right now.

Here is a fact: Each day millions of people get up before the sun rises to perform routine tasks such as:

  • taking a shower
  • making breakfast
  • getting the children out of bed and ready for school
  • heading to work

Basically these are fairly simple tasks, however just having to do them day in and day out takes a lot of your energy, which for the most part has the potential to result in stress and health challenges. The challenge in this example is “You need to relax more and give yourself the time to rest and take full advantage of that period so you can calm yourself and relieve stress.”

In my previous career I was an extremely busy professional with very little time to stop and think. Many of my days were spent managing the business, performing day-to-day responsibilities, jumping from one task right over to another – burn out would have been inevitable but I was lucky, I was able to manage my mental and physical health.

To combat the negative effects of my busy life-style I turned to an age-old art of meditation – Qi Qong and Healing Music. In my early days of practicing meditation and listening to this type of music I often found it hard to concentrate. I soon learned this was normal when you are first starting this type of strategy, especially when you know very little of the techniques and methods.

Some of you may find the same thing when first starting out, however you need to understand the deeper meaning of the practice when you meditate before you actually put it into practice and before you add in healing music of any kind. We are preparing to complete a book on this very subject so why not follow the link in this message (the one in this paragraph) and get on our mailing list so you will be one of the first to know when this book becomes available. If you would rather not follow this link then look to your upper right and fill in the form with your name and email address, you will also get your own personal copy of “Healing Through Your Senses.”