Can Mark Romero Music Help Quit Smoking?

Yesterday we were discussing the subject of quitting smoking. The conversation was between my wife and myself. She has been listening to various relaxation music compositions such as Mark Romero Music for quite some time now.

My wife smoked for over 25 years and throughout the years she made several attempts to quit smoking with some successful results however nothing lasting. The bottom line was she enjoyed smoking and even though she understood it was harming her – the joy of the smoke was stronger than the fear of becoming ill.

She has now successfully quit smoking by using a technique known as Harmonic Alignment – a relaxation technique introduced to us through the teaching of Mark Romero.

Has the entire process of quitting smoking been easy for her?

An addiction such as smoking is not something you can overcome just merely by listening to music of a healing nature.

In my opinion and my wife’s, you will never be able to overcome any addiction unless you truly want to. When you think of addictions you probably think of drugs, smoking but what about food, shopping,stealing and many more addictions.

Mark Romero’s Music is a tool, the same as a hammer is to building a house. The hammer by itself will not build the house, no different than relaxation music will help to overcome an addiction by itself. The first step is you must believe smoking is hurting you and then you must want to overcome your smoking addiction.

Once you have the proper mindset, you then need a plan / technique, that is where we come in. Using healing music such as Mark Romero Music can help to overcome emotional barriers that get in the way of our goals. This technique can be successful by following certain guidelines and steps.

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